ZAGG unveiled today with a highly durable keyboard case for the10.2-inch iPad. Rugged Pro Connect is a water-resistant and washable keyboard case with full protection and while it’s intended for healthcare, it’s also a great case for children, first responders, construction and more.

The company describes the new iPad case in these words:

The case and new Rugged Pro Connect keyboard are designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare. It is sturdy, durable, water-resistant and washable. The interlocking keys won’t come off with repeated use, and it has a snap-on screen protector, and the keyboard and case can be detached for different usage environments.

While this keyboard cover looks perfect for healthcare use, its durability and water resistance also make it a worthwhile choice for kids, construction, farming, emergency care, and other active uses, especially considering iPads are extremely delicate products. break screen.

A new cover especially suitable for protecting the device in question is always a good idea in general and not to be underestimated, even for everyday use.

Source: Lega Nerd

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