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Airbnb doesn’t want more parties in your house: it’s their new anti-party tool


Airbnb has announced that it will begin testing “anti-party technology” in the US and Canada that will detect and prevent users from making “high-risk bookings.” If all goes well, this tool will move to other countries. Including Spain.

The new anti-party system will take into account several factors to determine whether a slip could be a rave attempt in disguise.including the tenant’s review history, their account age, how long they have reserved the property, and the day and dates the user attempts to book.

The tool will also take into account how far the user is from the Airbnb rental. For example, booking a night out in your area for Halloween weekend can be a bit fishy.. Booking thousands of miles away on vacation, no more.

If Airbnb’s anti-party tool detects that someone is trying to make a high-risk booking, it will block it. This test is based on Airbnb’s policy for users under 25, which prevents them from booking an entire listing within their area if they already have more than three positive reviews (and none negative).

No matter what, the technology will not block the booking of hotel rooms or rooms. That is, not entire houses, because they will most likely be used for hosting a party, but other options remain open.

Airbnb trials in the US and Canada continue to the trials of similar agents conducted in recent years in Australia.

We are seeing a 35% reduction in unauthorized parties in areas of Australia where this pilot project is operating.“Airbnb announced yesterday on its blog.

Earlier this year, Airbnb permanently blocked all parties, cementing an earlier temporary global ban introduced in 2020. in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to this, the owners could allow the parties at their discretion. The company also banned Airbnb listings specifically for parties in 2019 after five people were killed in a mass shooting at one of those homes.

Source: Computer Hoy

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