Amazon’s video streaming platform delivers better content every time, making it one of the most used in Spain (and many goodies yet to come, like the Lord of the Rings series). But in addition to that, it has some functions that make it different from others like Netflix. An example group video. We tell you what this option is about Prime Video.

This tool is designed to be able to enjoy the content in a very short time. Socialbecause people in different places enjoy movies or series at the same time. There’s even a private chat where guests can comment on what they think. Therefore, we are talking about an ideal option for those times when the whole family is not together or you just want to watch something with a group of friends.

Obviously, each should have their own access to Prime Video, and on top of that, you won’t see any lag or slowness when you play. In other words, everything works as usual and access to content is unlimited as usual. In addition, there is something to consider – and this is very positive -: the use is enormous easysomething we’ll explain later.

On which devices is Group Video available?

Fortunately, it is already possible to use this functionality in all existing enhancements to see the content of Prime Video. This is because a new update Added what was missing: Smart TV clients, as well as existing apps for Xbox and PlayStation. As such, there is no option that does not allow the use of Group Video (it was previously an option in apps for mobile devices, Fire TV, and even computers’ own software).

Prime Video Group Video Options


How does this Prime Video option without Netflix work?

Well, it is not complicated at all and it is possible to invite the most. 100 users so that they can watch movies and TV shows at the same time and in sync. In the meantime, you should be clear that the person who created the Group Video has control of everything. That is, you can stop or move forward or backward what is displayed.

The fact is that after entering the selected Prime Video application, you have to go to the movie or series that you want to watch as a group and go from the bottom of the screen if the option we are talking about is available. On the screen you will see a link called Group Video. Use it regularly. On the right side of the screen you will see a window where you will do the following. chat opens

Now use Create Group Video in the right area and connection which one do you owe to share with others you want to enjoy the content at the same time. Once this is done you will see each one coming to the one using the link you passed, and once they’re all there just start duplicating the traditional way.

Besides being simple, it is an excellent possibility great potential Whether you go on holiday with your friends or not, you can watch that TV series I like while in constant communication.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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