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Samsung will make the leap to 200 megapixels with the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera


Since, Samsung there was a serious problem with leaks. Their phones completely leaked a few weeks before the presentation, so there is nothing to surprise users with.

new assortment Samsung Galaxy S23 should arrive early 2023. There are still 4 months left, but they are already starting to leak important data.

A report by Korean media outlet ET News, which reaches us via Wccftech, indicates that, according to internal sources, Samsung would tell its camera partners that The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 200MP sensor.


Unpack Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

In addition, the same sources claim that It will be the only mobile phone in the S23 lineup with such a sensor.

Rumors about this information have already appeared, but none of them has been as loud as the (filtered) confirmation from Samsung itself.

This decision seems logical, as Samsung is the world leader in mobile sensors, along with Sony, and a few months ago introduced the first 200 megapixel sensor for a smartphoneISOCELL HP1.

Despite this, not a single mobile phone with it was sold in the West. The first one could be Motorola X30 Prowhich confirmed these 200 megapixels.

Samsung introduced a new sensor in June ISOCELL HP3also 200 megapixels but with many improvements such as the smallest pixel in the industry, only 0.56 µm, 12% smaller than its predecessor.

The Korean company has succeeded in reducing the pixel size from 0.64 microns, which makes new sensor type 1/1.4″, about 20% smaller than its predecessor.

Regarding classic binning from 4 to 1 adds 1.12 µm pixels for 50 megapixel photos. For very dark photos, the new sensor also supports 16:1 binning for huge pixels of 2.24 microns and photos of 12.5 megapixels.

The sensor can also Record 8K video at 30 fps and 4K video at 120 fps. It is capable of emitting images in 4 billion colors (14 bit depth), which is 64 times more than its predecessor HP1, which was at 68 million.

It is most logical to think that that the 200-megapixel sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be ISOCELL HP3. And if only the Ultra model installs it, Samsung could take a similar approach to Apple, which will also make the iPhone 14 Pro models much more powerful than the stock ones.

Source: Computer Hoy

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