Starting from next December 20, Colombia will be tendering for the ‘invisible roads’ on which 5G networks will travel. These connections will bring speeds 100 times faster than current 4G on mobile phones.

The forecast is that the first 5G networks will be activated in some capital cities in the first quarter of 2024, with deployment continuing in more places throughout the year.


“Within two years, 52 percent of Colombia’s population will have 5G coverage,” said ICT deputy minister Gabriel Jurado, speaking at EL TIEMPO. More than 2,100 kilometers of roads need to have such high-speed access.

It must be said that Colombia will come to 5G late. Many countries around the world and on this continent already have functional fifth-generation networks. But being late may not be so bad: on the one hand, the deployment of networks will be done with the learning of other countries that have already experienced the initial disruptions; infrastructure technology will already be in mature and advanced stages; We will already have a broad and affordable mobile phone offer that is 5G ready.

Because you will need to replace or have a mobile phone that can connect to the 5G network. “The phone has always been the limiting factor when there are these changes in network technology, but that won’t be the case with 5G. In our case, more than half of the models we have are already ready,” said Motorola’s Carlo Villamil.

There are many advantages to buying a 5G mobile phone right now. First of all, your investment will be secured for the future and for a longer period of time. The 5G mobile phone guarantees a lifespan of at least two years and the ability to make the most of this technology.

In second place are cloud services: According to Samsung, virtual storage applications and cloud software will benefit with a “seamless user experience” thanks to a “powerful (5G) device and a higher capacity network.”

On the other hand, as a third aspect, entertainment will be on another level: online video games, movies, TV series, live sports broadcasts, in short, will work perfectly at maximum resolution, without lags or blocking.

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Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, TCL, Vivo and Honor already have 5G equipment in Colombia.

Although there are no 5G networks yet, Companies took care to bring equipment with the option to update it to adapt to different 5G networks when necessary. It can be activated according to the frequencies that will be tendered in the country.

“5G technology is constantly evolving,” Honor says, so “it is important to consider a smartphone that can receive software updates and is prepared for future improvements to the 5G network.”

Apple, on the other hand, includes this 5G technology in its entire product range starting from the iPhone 12, with a multi-band chip for all frequencies.

Motorola currently has seven 5G-compatible models, while Samsung has more than 20 different phone references, including 5G-compatible Galaxy Tab S9 models.

1. Price

In Colombia, there are models ranging from $700,000 without VAT to mobile phones costing over eight million pesos. The difference lies in storage capacity, screen size and technology, amount of RAM and materials.

2. Battery life

5G technology will require better energy capacity. Firstly, because your mobile device will ‘hop’ on 4G to 5G networks depending on availability in your area, which will consume energy. On the other hand, due to its speed, it will need a good battery as it will be used more in video games, videos and music. I hope it is over 5,000 mAh.

3. Screen size

A 5G mobile phone should have a good screen of at least six inches with good brightness and contrast. Keep in mind that with the good speed you’ll have on 5G, it’ll be for your TV, gaming console, and many entertainment and work tasks.

4. Storage

With 5G, it will be natural for you to have, receive and send large files (videos, entire movies, many documents, etc.), so your mobile phone should have no less than 256 GB hard drive, optional expansion slot with card.



– Redmi Note 12 Pro+, Xiaomi 13T, 12T, 12T Pro, 11T Pro, 12 Pro, 12 Lite and POCO X4, F4 Pro and F5 Pro 5G. from $1.2 million


– Honor 90, 90 Lite and Magic 5 Lite are 5G. From $2.1 million.


– Galaxy A34, A54, S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, S23 FE, Flip 5, Fold 5, Flip 4, Fold 4, M34, M54, M14 and Galaxy Tab S9 are 5G ready. Prices start from $700,000.


– iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 all come with 5G. Prices start from $3 million.


– Razr 40, Razr 40 Ultra. Moto Edge 40 Neo, 40, G84 and G54 are 5G. Prices start at $700,000.


– TCL30+ $600,000


– Reno10 and Reno 7. Starting from $1.6 million.

Vivo Mobile

– X80 Pro, V25 and V25 Pro are 5G. From $1.6 million.

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