Scroll through the social media feed and meet videos TikTok crossed on Instagram like Roll it’s not exactly something out of the ordinary. While users may not mind reposting them, developers are very expensive. That’s why YouTube hasn’t watermarked Shorts videos until now, but now everything changes.

In a support thread announcing the platform changes, YouTube explains that the watermark will be added to Shorts creators downloading from their account before sharing to other platforms, and this change is already underway on the desktop version, but mobile users will see the change in the coming months as well.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTubehave struggled, among other things, to put together original short video content, mainly because creators who create videos for one platform want to reach as many eyes as possible and that means posting to multiple platforms to maximize engagement, and instead of To create a new video, it makes a lot of sense to edit the footage once and then reload it.

To stop people from doing just that and returning views to the original source of their favorite content, platforms like TikTok have a well-implemented watermarking system, so even for YouTube, a shorts-like content watermark could serve a similar function.

Source: Lega Nerd

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