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This 7-month front-end developer course can open you up to a new profession


Web development is a profession with a present and a future, especially since more and more jobs are looking for front-end developers, not just web pages, stores, and the like.

It was said that, to be one of them, you have to deal not with one programming language, but with a number of additions, such as CSS or HTML. to be able to match if you plan on dedicating yourself to it professionally, which makes it hard to start from scratch.

Since JavaScript (the language that every interface needs to work perfectly with) is one of the most in-demand companies in 2022, it would be nice to advance in understanding it, and there are thousands of paid or free online courses they teach. you do it little by little.

Professional Certificate Front-End Web Developer

In addition to the “free” courses, there are bootcamps that allow you to start from scratch and gradually learn to be not only a front-end, but also a back-end or full-stack, depending on what you prefer.

Apart from all these options, there is a very high level platform that offers both courses and packages, micro-masters and even full university degrees endorsed by some of the best universities on the planet such as Caltech, Berkeley or Harvard, among others.

It’s edX and it has a professional certificate course to help you become a front-end developer from scratch: HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript for only 881 euros. There are a total of five online courses that you can take at your own pace, and if you dedicate 5-7 hours a week to them, you can get about eight months to go..

The course is 100% in English, which shouldn’t be a problem at all, and is that if you’re going to become a developer of any kind, you must be fully proficient in this language, both on a communicative level and when working with some programming concepts in English language.

Obviously, there are many other courses, both from edX and from Udemy and other platforms, that will also help you lay the groundwork for your professional future in the sector. One of them teaches you the most basic concepts that you may need to know before starting any other course.

Source: Computer Hoy

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