Dutch researchers have confirmed that listening insults it’s like having a baby slap in the face with words. Science has analyzed the links between emotion and language in relation to the short-term effects of repeated insults. Here is the explanation of how verbal violations affect the brain. Words can have psychological and physiological effects. It seems that negative words provide an input to influence the release of hormones that cause anxiety and stress.

The project focused on the connection between language and emotion and what better subject to study this connection than insults and compliments. We wanted to investigate whether we could find evidence of rapid adaptation to repeated compliments and sustained response to verbal insults, and if so, at what stage of language processing. Insults directed against you pose a serious threat to yourself and your reputation. For members of an ultra-social species that specializes in collaboration outside the family, reputational risks should not be taken lightly. Insults also harm others, are informative about who is willing to do so, and signal social conflict in your environment, perhaps even in your group.

dr. Marijn Struiksma, head of research

The study included 79 women who underwent electroencephalography (EEG) and skin conduction electrodes. A way to track related repeated statements. Each participant repeated aloud repeated statements with three different meanings. First an insult, then a compliment and finally a neutral statement. Half of the participants read the three statements with their own name, the other half with someone else’s.

The data obtained has therefore shown that the effects are independent of the person against whom the insult is directed. In addition, the effects appeared to be robust with regard to recurrence. It is also confirmed that people prejudice of negativitywhere more attention is paid to negative than positive situations.

Source: Lega Nerd

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