A new discovery signed by radio observations of a “maser” emission of water near a star budding. Observations from 26 radio telescopes in Europe, Asia, United States. The observation concerns the streamlining of a Magnetohydrodynamic “disc wind”. This is the wind that comes from the accretion disks around forming stars and black holes.

Many astrophysical objects are surrounded by an accretion disk from which powerful collimated jets branch off along the disk’s rotational axis. The accretion and emission of the connected jets is essential for the formation of these objects. A way of allowing matter to continue its accumulation on the central object.

If before the existence of the magnetohydrodynamic “disk wind” was full of errors and failures, it now has much more convincing evidence. The new study conducted to prove the existence of the “disk wind” actually made the sighting through a detail spend in radio band. This is the line emitted by the water molecule at a frequency of about 22 GHz. The emission is observed as a “maser”. They are intense and highly collimated beams of radiation. The team was able to detect spiral motions near the axis of rotation and a current spinning with the disk at greater distances from the axis.

Observations were made with the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) array. It is a global network of 26 radio telescopes observing at 22 GHz between Europe, Asia and the United States. These instruments simultaneously observed the emission from the watermaser line to the rising star for one day.

We made new observations of the emission from the watermaser line by including all telescopes available in the VLBI network, aiming to simulate the next generation of radio interferometers that will improve the current sensitivity by more than an order of magnitude . Our goal was to detect faint masers emanating from excited gas in low-velocity collisions near the forming star to better sample disc wind kinematics.

Luca Moscadelli, INAF researcher in Florence and lead author of the new study

Source: Lega Nerd

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