With a rather unusual movement, google sent the prototypes of the new (and unpublished) youtuber Unbox Therapy Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The video shows the two smartphones in every detail well before their release on the market. These are of course two prototypes, but the presumption is that the final version of the two smartphones will look quite similar to the one in the video.

The Google Pixel 7 will be presented in September, in the same month as the presentation of the new iPhone 14.

The smartphones shown in the channel of Unboxing Therapy they are not simple models. They are two fully functional prototypes equipped with Android. That they are prototypes is apparent from the presence of the accompanying logo, instead of the normal Google G.

During the video, the smartphones are briefly shown in operation, with the screen active. In the meantime, the information that is already known about the Google Pixel 7 is already a lot. We know their appearance and also part of their data sheet. Only a mystery remains, the Android Authority website underlines: what will their launch price be? Regarding the US market, AA ventures a hypothesis: $599 for the base model and $899 for the Pro model. Maybe, but in Italy they will probably cost a little more.

The other question, which we add, is this: will they be available in our country from launch? If Google will follow the model already adopted with the debut of the Pixel 6, the answer is likely to be negative. Italians may have to wait a little over a month before they can get their hands on the two new phones.

Source: Lega Nerd

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