New hope for the cancer to the liver at an advanced stage there are two drugs (atezolizumab and bevacizumab) that improve the survival of diseased patients. Also block the progression of the disease. This is the advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. In 2020 there were 13,000 new cases. Unfortunately, it is a disease that does not show any signs at an advanced stage. Only 10% of cases can be detected early and 20% of patients live 5 years after diagnosis. It is the sixth most common cancer and the third leading cause of death in the world, which can be improved thanks to a new therapy.

It seems that Aifa has approved the combination of two drugs, atezolizumab in combination with bevacizumab. They could do better survive patients with this tumor and then to block over there progression. The study conducted found that after 8.6 months, these two drugs together reduced the risk of death by 42%. In addition, after 15.6 months, he reduced the risk of death by 34%.

Antonio Gasbarrini, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Campus of Rome, Director of the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the Agostino Gemelli Irccs University Hospital Foundation in Rome, states:

The approval of the atezolizumab-bevacizumab combination marks a milestone in hepato-oncology. After more than 10 years of immobility, a first-line treatment is finally available that can prolong the survival of patients with unresectable hepatocarcinoma: susceptible patients who not only suffer from cancer, but also from liver dysfunction.

The study sought to consider survival and improvement in quality of life. Factors to be considered include work, leisure, and more. The mix of these two drugs reported mild and slower deterioration in quality of life and physical functions during the disease.

Source: Lega Nerd

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