The mulberry it is not only beauty, it also has important properties, it is the most suitable tree to purify the air and reclaim land. In addition, also to reduce desert areas. Mulberry can withstand the most extreme climates and can absorb pollutants in the atmosphere and in the soil. Mulberry is best for one sustainable environmental development.

It belongs to the Moraceae family, has a rapid growth, is of Asian origin. It is now widespread in Europe, Africa and North America, where it grows spontaneously. It is about a long-lived species tree, adaptable to different climates and soils. Mulberry has been shown to play an important role in natural repair and regeneration. Here it is defined”eco-restorationThe cultivation of mulberry is recommended to restore arid and desolate soils or with a high salt concentration.

The mulberry also finds its place in urban contexts, where it is considered one of the most suitable trees fordecoration of streets, gardens, public parks. The leaves are capable of absorbing pollutants dispersed in the atmosphere (carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, carbon dioxide).

Mulberry is also a phytoremediation, useful for cleaning soils with high concentrations of metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt and many others. To prove this, a study was conducted that analyzed the amount of mercury in the stems, leaves and roots of black mulberry. It is clear that absorption mainly occurs in the roots. Mulberry is therefore suitable for land reclamation around industrial sites.

Source: Lega Nerd

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