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Don’t bite! Civil Guard warns of new wave of emails crowding out their identities


Cyber ​​criminals do not stop their efforts to be able to defraud and extort thousands of people in order to get large sums of money, and in the latest scam, the Civil Guard is the protagonist.

And the fact is that the Civil Guard is warning through their official social media platforms that a fraudulent email is being circulated that impersonates Benemerita herself, substituting their identity to extort money from the victims.

They note that this deception is extortion and that everyone can become a victim of it, and what needs to be done this is basically to delete this message as soon as it is received and never reply to email.

This email comes from an unofficial account, so it should be easy to spot, and contains various subject lines linking to various files with random numbers, followed by a user fraud message that may contain various spelling and grammatical errors.

Also, to the same e-mail, some document can be attached, which refers to a call from the Civil Guard and where the identities of high-ranking officials are even forced out.

Basically cybercriminals what they do is to ask the potential victim to respond to an email within a maximum of 48 hours. and, if they do, the scammers will continue extorting money to avoid revealing any sensitive information.

The Civil Guard will never contact you via email, but will do so via some sort of certified letter or personal visit, so avoid this type of email that tries to scam thousands of people.

Source: Computer Hoy

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