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Xiaomi running watch at a bargain price: Mi Watch at a discounted price of up to 80 euros.


The advent of sports watches is great news for anyone who trains more or less purposefully, as they allow you to measure certain parameters such as distance, speed, calories burned and more. The best thing is that their prices continue to fall little by little.

Sports watches with GPS already cost less than 100 euros, and there are several models that are worth it. One of the best value for money tests we’ve tested is the Xiaomi Mi Watch, which is also currently on sale on AliExpress for just €80 if you redeem the code. ROUND 5 before payment.

For this price it’s the real deal and also with delivery from Spain, no additional costs and no customs clearance. In a few days, your purchase will be at your home and with a three-year guarantee established by the legislation of our country.

Xiaomi Mi Watch in AliExpress Plaza

It’s because In fact, it is not sold by AliExpress, but by AliExpress Plaza.a version of this store with a warehouse in Spain, one of the most important countries for the expansion strategy of the Asian giant.

In this Xiaomi model, we were most convinced by the measurement accuracy of various sports such as running, cycling and even fitness. All this thanks to GPS and a heart rate sensor.

In addition, autonomy does not fade. Even with the help of GPS it goes relatively easy up to ten dayseven more so if you use its features sparingly, although even then it still offers a larger battery than almost all of its competitors.

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The design is quite minimalistic, discreet, but attractive, although this is a matter of taste. Bet on the round dial, as with almost all running watches from specialist brands such as Garmin or Polar, two of those who overwhelmingly dominate the sector.

It is clear that, as with mobile phones, Xiaomi’s intention is to position their watch as a good low-cost option for users who want it but don’t spend too much and they are already selling a few in addition to this Mi Watch. , such as the Mi Watch Lite, which we also tested.

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