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Apple will be the first to get 3nm chips from TSMC, but not for the iPhone


Both TSMC and Samsung are in an interesting race to offer the first 3nm chips in the manufacturing process this year and certainly the first mobile phone to benefit from this will be a true tech beast, but not with the iPhone 14 Pro .

The iPhone 14 series is expected to use the 4nm process to power professional models, while the 5nm process that the base models will use will remain.

Obviously, the smaller the manufacturing process, the better it is, since the more transistors, the more powerful and energy efficient the chip.


All about the new iPhone 13

It should be noted that Samsung Foundry has already started shipping 3nm chips this year, but only for cryptocurrency mining, while TSMC intends to ship 3nm chips this year. but they will not be in time for the new launch of the iPhone.

According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Apple will be the first customer to receive these 3nm chips from TSMC. but not for iPhone 14 Pro models, but for the M2 Pro chip that we will see in the next MacBook Pro.

Thus, we will have to wait for the Apple A17 Bionic processor to see the 3nm manufacturing process in the professional iPhone 15 models.

And 3nm chips will be around for a long time as TSMC doesn’t plan to ship 2nm chips until 2026 at the earliest. the same speed. amount of power compared to its previous 5nm processors.

Source: Computer Hoy

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