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1ms Wireless Keyboard New from Cherry at Gamescom 2022


On the occasion of Gamescom taking place right now in Cologne, Germany, cherry companyDean of the German Country for the Production of Peripherals, wants a chest of new technology that reduces the response time of his wireless keyboards to 1ms.

As you know, Gamescom is an exhibition dedicated to video games in Cologne. but it also usually serves to educate about hardware and gaming news. Yesterday we had a presentation of ASUS with a lot of peripherals and Samsung with new monitors.

In particular, Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event and the main European commercial platform for the industry, which this year it is celebrated from 23 to 28 August in the pavilions of Cologne.

And in this context, the Cherry brand, which you are probably familiar with because they make almost every switch or switch of your favorite keyboards. wants to take advantage of his new technology. We will finally be able to have wireless keyboards with no delays or delays.

In addition to the recent introduction of so-called 60%, 75% and 80% keyboards in line with today’s market demands, the company wanted to innovate in the field of wireless communication by increasing transmission speed and reducing latency. And all via bluetooth.

professional players (and demanding clients) they have MX 3.0S, MX 8.2S, and MX 2.0S as three Cherry wireless models with 1ms response..


Unboxing Dygma Raise, Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

And the way to connect them to a computer is via low latency (LLM) bluetooth, which means very low battery consumption compared to the same connection via WiFi.

This speed was reached a few years ago in the mouse market, and the public was already demanding keyboards of the same level.. If playing with wireless peripherals was almost suicidal in the past decade, now even professionals can do without cable… with the exception of RJ45.

Source: Computer Hoy

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