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Stickers DGT makes you wear on your windshield if you want to avoid fines


A few years ago, most cars collected ITV stickers, and it was not uncommon to see a random car on the street with a vertical column of colorful stickers.

Today we must accept yes or yes environmental sticker DGT and an ITV sticker. The first must be placed in the lower right corner of the windshield, that is, the lower part on the passenger side.

ITV sticker (V-19) It records the passage of this check and until what date it is valid. This sticker must be on all vehicles over four years old, as we read in Royal Decree 224/2008 of 15 February.

This decal must be visible on the top passenger side, right inside. There are vehicles without windows or windshields, such as motorcycles, in which case they must be displayed prominently.

It is imperative to have this sticker with you, and if it is damaged or lost (due to a broken windshield), you can request a duplicate from where you checked in ITV.

Penalties for not having an ITV sticker

In the event that you do not wear the sticker in a dedicated area of ​​the windshield or in a prominent place, otherwise the fine is 80 euros and the owner of the vehicle will receive it, as this is an administrative sanction.

This does not result in sanctions at the license points, but a fine may apply. up to 200 euros with the accumulation of various stickers that prevent the driver from having what is provided for as “transparent visibility” in article 19 of the SDA.

There are penalties for not eco-labeling, depending on the location.

The placement of the eco-label, despite the fact that Traffic recommends wearing it, is voluntary. So traffic does not impose a fine for not having one, another case could be if you get caught driving in a city with restricted access for certain types of vehicles and you don’t have a sticker.

Today there are 5 cases for labels. In the first case, they do not even receive a sticker, this applies to more polluting vehicles. From there it moves on to B (yellow) and C (green) markings to ECO (green and blue) markings to obtain the ECO marking for vehicles that do not emit gases or can circulate in electric mode.

The duty of environmental stickers falls directly on the consistory.. The Madrid City Council established this obligation on April 24, 2019, after a six-month transition period.

Since then, failure to comply with this rule entails €90 fine. This measure is also mandatory in Gijón from 1 June.

The sticker can be purchased through the post office, the workshop network of the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (CETRAA) and other networks of authorized workshops. It is also possible to buy a label for 5 euros through IDEAUTO.

Source: Computer Hoy

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