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RACE does not recommend these four brands of child car seats


Child Restraint Systems (SRI) required on all vehicles, transport children. There are dozens of brands and models, and some are better than others. A handful, not even recommended. We are talking about protecting the life of a child, and this is a very serious issue.

A comprehensive pan-European report is produced annually, which carefully analyzes the CRS available on the market. In Spain, RACE is responsible for its implementation.

They were viewed in total 32 chair brands, and the overall test result is satisfactory. 28 out of 32 models received good ratings and are considered safe and reliable. Nonetheless two brands and two models of child car seats received one star, and RACE itself does not recommend buying it.

On the opposite side is one chair, Cybex Anoris T i-Size, scored the maximum number of points 5 stars. This is a premium model that even has its own airbag. But, as you might guess, it’s not cheap. It costs 750 euros.

And what are they four CRS discouraged by European report? They are divided into two groups depending on the reason for the low score.

First, according to Auto Bild, we have brands of child car seats that are not practical due to high content of substances harmful to health. Near Lionelo Antun RWF D Walser Kids.

Two other brands have not been tested for safety, due to the lack of rigid adjustment of the car seat, which does not protect the child in the event of a side impact. Are Urban Kanga Uptown TV107 D Kindercraft Comfort Up.

If you need to buy a CRS, don’t buy those makes or models. And if you have one of them… consider changing it.

The full report can be read on the RACE website. We also recommend that you read deprecated child car seats 2021there are also a few…

Source: Computer Hoy

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