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Lawna, an AI-powered autonomous lawn mower that also doubles as a watchdog (video)


Robotic vacuum cleaners have revolutionized home cleaning. They sweep, vacuum, wash and polish the floor completely autonomously. They create a map of the house and clean designated areas without bumping into objects, people or pets.

All these years of learning and technology development have been used by LawnaTech to develop Lawna is the first autonomous lawnmower with artificial intelligence. You can see it in action in the introductory video of the news.

Lawna uses the same technology as Roomba’s most advanced cleaning robots (which, by the way, Amazon just bought) to fulfill a long-held dream that garden lawn cuts itself. Or, more appropriately, let a robot do it for us.

Technically, while this autonomous mower uses the same principles as a cleaning robot, it works differently. His work is unique: mowingwhich is very different from a cement floor, tile or earth, for example.

Using an AI Image Recognition Camera Lawna is capable of demarcating lawn areas. just take a walk in the garden. You flag them in the app and we can give you the go-ahead, increase or decrease areas, or prevent you from visiting a particular site.

When the zone is defined, The lawn mows the lawn itself, following patterns of parallel lines so you don’t miss anything. From the application itself, we can determine the height of the grass we want to leave.

Its powerful engine allows climb slopes up to 30 degreesso it doesn’t work only on flat ground. And it’s completely safe because The AI ​​camera detects objects, people, children and pets and stops if they are too close.

When the battery runs out, which lasts about two and a half hours, it automatically recharges and then picks up where it left off.

Becomes a guard dog at night. You can patrol the garden and send notifications if you find anything out of the ordinary with your camera.

Lawna, an autonomous lawn mower with artificial intelligence, it already quadruples the funding needed on KickStarter to produce it. He has a price 700 euroAlthough it may seem expensive to you, it is 58% cheaper than it will be when it hits stores.

Source: Computer Hoy

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