The dream of a green renaissance within large cities with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This is the purpose of Farming Miraclesthe new green project in Vimodrone (Milan) at the headquarters of Garden Steflor. The objectives are the redevelopment of abandoned places and their improvement, the creation of meeting opportunities and actions in which human relations are central.

What exactly is the Agricola delle Meraviglie? It is a single green hectare where the flora grows radiantly in the shadow of the blades of a windmill. A way to get closer biodiversity and create a culture of respect of the nature. The territory and its improvement, the zero kilometer, respect for seasonal influences and the culture of biodiversity represent the basic values from the company. The latter is constantly committed to disseminating educational projects for each school and passing it on to the new generations.

The beautiful Campo dei Girasoli was inaugurated on June 25. It extends over one hectare, the largest to date in circulation. There are 35 thousand sunflowers of ten different species. The flowers that enliven the field from below provide biodiversity and create an environment suitable for the repopulation of insects.pollination. The thrill of visiting the golf course is to be immersed in a Van Gogh painting, a totally green emotion. Garden Steflor also organized gods laboratories theme for kids and adults. An effective way to make the experience even more valuable for families.

The Agricola delle Meraviglie is an adventure to discover yourself by immersing yourself in Welfare naturally. A nature interrupted by the colors of the beautiful sunflowers. A unique experience in complete freedom and gratitude to Mother Nature.

Source: Lega Nerd

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