Apple has officially confirmed the app update Boot Campthat allows users to run Windows on Intel PCs from the company. According to Boot Camp 6.1.19 release notes (as it explains) MacRumors), the update ships with the new Precision Touchpad drivers. These drivers, which were first released in 2021, enable advanced multi-touch trackpad gestures in Windows for those with a compatible MacBook or Magic Trackpad.

Trackpads with support for Windows Precision Touchpads offer options such as single tap to click, precise scrolling, pinch to zoom, and other three- or four-finger gestures.

It’s worth noting that only Macs with an Apple T2 chip are compatible with Windows Precision Touchpad drivers. This includes 2020 27-inch iMacs, iMac Pro, Mac Pro 2019, Mac mini 2018 and Intel MacBook introduced from 2018 and later.

In addition to the new drivers, the latest update to the Boot Camp utility also fixes some common bugs. A few days ago, Apple released a Boot Camp update to add support for the WPA3 Wi-Fi protocol for Windows users. The same version also fixed some issues related to the Bluetooth driver and sleep and hibernation modes. Earlier this year, another Boot Camp update added support for the Studio Display, allowing Mac users running Windows on both operating systems to work with Apple’s new external display.

Source: Lega Nerd

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