Last May, the probe Voyager 1 This frightened the scientists watching it from Earth a little. An unknown error caused it to start sending crazy telemetry data. Overall, the probe didn’t seem to be in danger, but the information it sent out was useless. In order to avoid great evils, it was decided to disable several of its functions until a solution is found. This caused us to lose some interesting information, but in turn served to fix it finally.

This was recently announced by the head of the Voyager project from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Suzanne Dodd. As explained in the statement, it looks like there is another flaw that has not yet been discovered. However, after the repair just done, the telemetry data is already perfect.

Thanks to this, Voyager 1 can return to work at full capacityfurther postponing that retirement that will never come. And it is that, although originally only one five year shelf lifeThey have been in business for 45 years. For that matter, it would be nice if he turned 50.

An unexpected decision for Voyager

Since May, NASA scientists have been trying to fix Voyager 1’s problems. 23.5 billion kilometers from our planet. However, they finally found the bug.

They noted that Voyager 1 had begun sending data from trip computer stopped working many years ago. This, being deprecated, handled them incorrectly, changing the information. When the engineers in charge of the project noticed this curious phenomenon, they tried to send a data processing command from another computer. Y, voilatelemetry returned to what it was.

But there is another mystery. Why did Voyager decide to change the way it sends data? This, as explained by NASA in the statement, should indicate that some wrong command which has not yet been resolved. But this may not be necessary. After all, everything seems to be back to square one.

postponing retirement

Both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were sent into space in 1977. just a month apart. His goal was to study those distant places where other probes failed to reach. They had five years to do it, but they worked so hard on it that they decided to extend their mission longer and longer.

They have since sent very useful information to Earth about the outer reaches of the solar system. data on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Plutowhich helped scientists better understand these planets.

It is true that there were some fears. It wasn’t just Voyager 1 that had problems. Some of them have also been found in Voyager 2. But so far everything is working out. This time, the scientists breathed a sigh of relief because after solving the problem, the probe did not activate safe mode. This means that everything is in order and hibernation is not needed to resolve errors. Of course, when your retirement It will be more than deserved, but not today. And it looks like not soon.

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