USB4 2.0: Incredible technology that could reach iPhone 15

USB4 is closer to becoming a reality, thanks to developments released by USB Promoter. Its performance may be so attractive that its integration with the future iPhone 15 may be considered.

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Good news for private users checking out future USB connectivity features. one announced Update via USB-C which will allow Yield up to 80 GBps, said that the announcement was made by the USB Promoter group. The most interesting thing Apple may pay attention to this and include it as a future technology for the iPhone 15..

Significant improvement with the future of USB, faster transition from Lightning to USB-C on iPhone 15

For several weeks, the topic has been the next generation iPhone’s change to USB-C. The EU has confirmed that this move is mandatory for Apple and other companies from 2024. iPhone is the latest Apple device to use a different this case, Lightning, which was released on the iPhone 5 in 2012 to replace the 30-pin port.

USB-C and Lightning

Is Apple encouraged to switch to USB-C?

Latter, Brad Saunders in the role President at USB Promoter, He stated that the USB4 specification doubled the data throughput this would drop straight down to better functionality levels for the USB-C standard. Benefits translate into better speed for devices like displays, storage, hubs and all ports based on C.

Major changes of USB4 2.0

On the 80 GBps we mentioned at the beginning, there are other updates translated into improvements that will undoubtedly deliver a better experience. Said 80 GBps is based on a physical structure using existing 40 GBps passive cables.

usb c macbook air

USB-C ports on MacBook Air

Potential USB4 will have backward compatibilityversion 1.0 to 2.0, 3.2 to Thunderbolt 3. No problem connecting any USB4-based product and interact with the previous one. It will also be updated to be compatible with DisplayPort and PCIe versions.

It will be necessary to wait for further announcements and advances to have a possible arrival date. and other brands start working on it. It will be aimed at developers for now able to perform performance tests and report possible errors.

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