In recent months, a content creator from only fans has been featured in various Australian and international media discussing a rare phenomenon for which he is apparently two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes. Her name is Evelyn, but her last name is unknown as she doesn’t want to reveal too much personal information about herself. It is only known that for some time he worked escort luxury and that she decided to take advantage of her position so as not to mix the professional with the personal: she left the right vagina for her partner, and the left one for clients.

She told all this. As far as we know, he is not the protagonist of any scientific study. But that may be true as what you are describing is quite common and many cases are covered in scientific literature.

The phenomenon is called didelphis and is the result of a slight failure in the formation of the genital organs in embryonic development. This can cause problems such as pain during sex or infertilityalthough luckily in your case it looks like you don’t either. If intercourse was very painful, I probably would have to change my profession. Besides, he didn’t say anything about it. And he is not sterile either, because in a March interview he said that he pregnant. However, he explained that could not give birth through natural birth canal and what is probably the birth of your child go aheadas her uterus is too small to hold the fetus for a full 9 months.

Two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes

The female genitalia are formed around the 9th week of embryonic development, when two structures known as müllerian ducts.

There are several combinations in which the uterus, cervix and vagina are duplicated, or only some of them.

Them confluence in the center this gives rise to the uterus, followed by the cervix, also called the cervix, which finally leads to the vagina. If the merge is not correct, the result may be didelphis consists of a pair of each of these structures: two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas. These latter can be both open or with one blocked. But in general, the view is similar to the vagina, divided in two by some chapter.

It is this septum that usually causes pain during sex, although the creator does not have this. only fans. For this reason, people with this problem often have to undergo a surgical procedure known as vaginal resectionin which Wall that separates the holes.

Anyway, there are not always two vaginas. Improper fusion of the Müllerian ducts can lead to two other phenomena: bicollis doubling of the uteruswhich has two uteruses and cervix, but only one vagina, and bicornuate uterusconsisting of two uterus, fused with the neck and vagina.

Other things besides the creator of OnlyFans

While the case of Evelyn, the girl from OnlyFans, has been very publicized, especially in Australia, the scientific literature is full of them.

Sometimes this may be accompanied by abnormal development of the kidneys, known as renal agenesis.

For example, in 1999 a group of scientists from San Carlos Clinical Hospitalfrom Madrid, described three cases in which, in addition to two vaginas and other conditions of didelphis, the patients suffered from renal agenesis. That is, the absence of at least one of his kidneys. This is, in fact, a phenomenon that often accompanies didelphis in descriptions made for it in other scientific studies.

Sometimes it’s not just two vaginas. For example, in 2003 a group of pediatricians from James Whitcomb Riley Hospital, of Indianapolis, described two cases that also had two bladders. These were girls who ended up in the hospital due to numerous recurrent urinary infections.

Another very interesting study of didelphis was published in 2008. It is one of the most comprehensive, as it analyzed 32 caseswho was diagnosed at Montreal Children’s Hospital. from 1984 to 2007. It also mentions renal agenesis and talks about surgical removal of the vaginal septum as a good long-term solution.

But, without a doubt, one of the most curious cases was the case described in 2020 by doctors from Nepean Hospital, from Australia. In it he talked about 27 year old womanwith didelphia, who gave birth to two children, who, oddly enough, were separated, one in each womb. Apparently, the woman went into labor prematurely. She was admitted to the hospital where she gave birth to a child normal vaginal delivery. The baby was in the right uterus. However, shortly after the birth, the contractions resumed, this time in the left uterus. Natural childbirth was not possible there, so she underwent surgery. C-sectionwhich ended with the birth of another healthy child.

In the end, creator of Only Fans with two vaginas is not so rare. She assures that for some time she felt strange, as if something was wrong, but only at the age of 20 she realized what was happening to her. She went to the hospital to have a voluntary abortion, and the doctors could not find the embryo. The problem was they were looking at the wrong pair of genitals. Today, she leads a normal life and even admits that she is working on finding her second G-spot. Others require surgery; but in general it is not a serious disease for any of them.

This is an updated version of an article previously published in Hipertextual.

Source: Hiper Textual

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