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These are the best plugs you can mount in your wall and they also have USB ports.


Everyone charges their mobile phone with a USB cable, or otherwise with a wireless charger. It doesn’t matter, they all need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. If you only have a problem with a wall outlet and want to use it, you have to replace it with one of these USB plugs.

We have selected some of best sockets with usb ports in different styles and formats to adapt to your current design in your home.

The best thing is that they are not as expensive as they seem and you can buy them from stores like Amazon or Leroy Merlin with Free shipping.

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The advantage of these plugs with USB ports is that can finally get rid of chargers on the wall, as well as thieves that take up a lot of space, or strips that end up getting in the way of the floor and are real dust collectors.

All you have to do is take a screwdriver, remove the light from your house and replace those wall sockets to get up to 3 connections in one piece.

  1. The cheapest
  2. The best ratio of price and quality
  3. With 2 plugs and 4 USB
  4. USB only
  5. In black

Cheapest: Male with 2 USB SRAN ports

SRAN output



This SRAN-branded socket can be purchased from AliExpress for only 5 euros. The perfect socket to replace the ones you already have in your home and get two extra connections.

It has an LED to indicate that one or two USB connections are in use, they have 5V power for each USB connection and a voltage of 110-250V.

In addition, you can buy it in black, grey, white, gold or silver.

Best Value: HerePow 2 USB Socket

HerePow USB plug


HerePow Power Outlet

This replacement for your traditional brand plug HerePow It is extremely easy to install as it installs like any other plug. It has two USB ports on the sides and they have 5V power for each port.

You can find it on Amazon for just €11.99.

With 2 outlets and 4 USB ports: HerePow

Dual HerePow output


Dual Fork HerePow

If you have a large outlet on your wall, usually with two outlets, you can purchase this replacement from HerePow to replace it and add up to 4 USB ports.

This dual socket is perfect for these occasions, with the ability to use two electrical outlets and connect whatever you want to the four USB ports.

As with other models, each USB port is 5V powered.

It’s priced at €15.99 and if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, it has shipping costs.

USB only: Schneider

Schneider USB connectors


USB adapter Schneider

If you have the ability to completely replace the plug with a USB-only outlet, which is especially interesting in areas where all you need is to charge your mobile phone and a little more, this is Double Fork Schneider this is amazing.

There’s no mystery to this, it’s a plug that has the same connections and installation as a traditional plug, but it doesn’t have a two-pin connection, just two 5V USB ports.

Schneider is an important brand in the world of electricity and you can guarantee the high quality of the components. You can find it at Leroy Merlin for just €40.99.

In black: Kaifire

Connect to USB Kaifire


Black Kaifire socket

If you decide to give your light sockets and plugs a darker shade in your home, you can also replace your plugs with USB models like this one from the Kaifire brand.

As with models with two USB ports, the installation is the same and the price is 23 euros.

Source: Computer Hoy

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