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DGT clarifies the meaning of green license plates and who is required to use them


Thanks to the accounts of the General Directorate of Road Traffic in social networks, we refresh different concepts that we have long studied in the driving license, and which, it seems, many have forgotten over time, and in the last one they wanted to remind us what do those green license plates mean I’m sure you’ve seen it many times.

And a few hours ago, DGT on Twitter suggested that we learn the meaning of some atypical license plates, such as green ones, which we are not very used to seeing on our roads, but which certainly sound familiar to you.

Specifically, the DGT explains that this type of license plate are temporary permits for various vehicles under a number of circumstancesbasically when you are waiting for the final registration.

In particular, they indicate that this type of green license plate is provided for a variety of circumstances, including vehicles that do not yet have their final license plate and are pending; imported cars in the process of registration; and cars that are going to be exported to other countries.

These registrations can also be renewed completely free of charge, although the first time a temporary registration is requested, the current cost is 20.61 euros, as stated on their official website.

So the next time you’re on the road or just walking down the street and you see a vehicle with a green license plate, it doesn’t mean it’s a foreign vehicle, but rather it’s a temporary registration pending final registration. or even import vehicles during the registration process.

Source: Computer Hoy

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