Recently, there has been a lot of hype around some of the decisions of the creators of the series. Rings of Power. First of all, it seems that there are people who are annoyed by the heroism and strength of female characters. That’s enough for those who complain. But this is not the only conflict. There is also a lot of anger over the decision to introduce some black elves. Because, of course, in real life, elves with skin of this color do not exist. Leaving irony aside and emphasizing that elves do not exist and that, if you fantasize, everything is possible, what exists in real life, elfs’ ears. These typical pointy ears can be caused by an extra crease in the middle part and are known as Stahl’s ears.

They are more commonly seen in children, mainly because they are very easy to work with and it is normal that they do not appear like this until adulthood. Elves, whatever color their skin is, wear pointy ears with pride, but it is more common among people to exploit them.

In fact, the sooner the better. In infants, surgery is not even required, because. his cartilage is still very pliable. Therefore, it can be given the desired shape without the need for surgical intervention. In any case, the subsequent surgery is a minor outpatient procedure and children can be sent home almost immediately.

What Causes Elf Ears?

Normal ears have two folds of cartilage called Cross, one at the top and one at the bottom. On the other hand, people with Stahl’s ears are born with another one in the middle. This gives them the typical pointy look of elves.

It can occur in one or both ears and does not cause hearing problems or any other serious symptoms. However, in most cases Usually it is operated on for aesthetic purposes.. It is for this reason that it is rarely seen in adults, as it is usually operated on at a very early age, although there are some people who retain them after childhood.

How it works?

If Stahl’s ears are found in first 8 weeks of lifeThey can be molded without surgery. It consists of placing molds that are stored for two months to give the desired shape to the cartilage and correct this extra crease.

In case you want to intervene later, it is already necessary to resort to surgical intervention. This is a simple operation, although the results and the best way to perform it may vary depending on the elasticity of each patient’s cartilage. This can usually be an outpatient procedure that does not require income so that the child can continue to recover at home.

And that would be the closest thing to elven ears in real life. This is a fairly rare distortion., for which, apparently, there is no greater predisposition depending on skin color. Cases have been identified in both blacks and whites; so since that’s the closest thing we’ll see to elves outside of fiction, in Rings of Power they’re not that far off the mark. Let’s stop criticizing fiction for being too fantastic and focus on real life. We would be surprised by the variety we can find in it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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