Yandex resource hub for a smart home, which is designed for devices that support the Zigbee network protocol, Kommersant writes.

In the Russian part of the registers of declarations of conformity, the EAEU is located at the entry “Yandex Hub smart home center”. The declaration was registered on September 2. Intertech Services AG, a Swiss subsidiary of Yandex, is listed as a manufacturer.

The source of the publication confirmed that Yandex is likely to release a smart home hub. Yandex declined to comment: “We will return with the details when they are available.”

The new hubs can use various low-power Zigbee smart home devices, such as sensors and light bulbs.

Yandex.Station of the second generation can work as a Zigbee gateway. The new device will be designed for users who will control a smart home without speakers. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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