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Everything you need to know before buying a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)


At a time when a person is going to buy a car today, he no longer has to look first of all at the model and brand he wants to buy, but first of all it is important to know what type of motorization we need in this. moment.

Previously, there was practically no doubt, since you either bought a gasoline car or bought a diesel one. There was nothing to think about in this dilemma, since if you drive many kilometers, the diesel engine will compensate, and if you drive a few kilometers, the gasoline engine will be better, since they are cheaper.

But the era of technology has come and everything has turned upside down a little, because two new options have been added to what we knew, such as hybrid and electric cars.

For the vast majority of people who use a car just for driving, that is, for those who are not passionate about driving, they fully understand that electric vehicles are becoming cars with less consumption, but that their cost is currently very high. .

The problem is that hybrids generate more doubts, because being a union of, say, an old concept with a new one, the level of certainty is usually lower.

That is why today we will try to provide you with as much information as possible about cars with a hybrid system, with a special focus on plug-ins.

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)?

To be clear from the start, today there is two types of hybrid carsthose that have an electric motor that you must connect to be able to recharge it and those that also have this type of engine, but this they recharge themselves.

In addition to the electrical range recovery system, the big difference between these two types is the charge of your batteriesbeing much higher in plug-in models.

Plug-in hybrids, also known as PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric that, after purely electric, have the largest batteries on the market.


PHEV is a vehicle that has traditional heat engineeither gasoline or diesel, which is considered the main one, but it helps second electric drive.

However, they can move independently at low or medium speeds (some even reach 120 km / h) and usually have autonomy of at least 50 kilometersconsidering that if this were not the case, then they would not have Label DGT ZERO.

It should be very clear to us that we are dealing with vehicles that have all the components of an electric vehicle and all those of a traditional internal combustion vehicle.

Why buy PHEV?

There are several reasons and types of users who might use a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Those people who day by day short trips to go to work or drive children to school at a not very high speed, these are two examples, but from time to time they like run away or that they are on a rather important journey when they go on vacation, they are the perfect custom model for this type of vehicle.

We could also include among the users who buy a plug-in hybrid car those who usually travel long distances to work and who have to handle heavy city trafficd.

It is obvious that the great advantage over internal combustion vehicles in the cases we have mentioned is almost zero cost which suggest those moments in which a high-powered electric motor is the one who controls.

In any case, anyone can also be a user of this type of vehicle. do many kilometers a year and who wants to save on fuel, since the cost of running an electric motor is extremely lower than if we were driving a diesel or gasoline car.

Is a hybrid plugin beneficial?

Initially, without counting on the government aid we have right now to buy this type of vehicle, we could say that they should travel enough miles for it to start damping with respect to one combustion.

So that you understand this with an example, if we compare the new Seat Leon 1.5 eTSI 150 CV DSG Xcellence As for the plug-in hybrid version of the Seat Leon eHybrid Xcellence, we’ll see the former cost €28,650 and the latter €34,080.

This is a price difference of 5430 euros, which means that with a gasoline price of 1.80 euros per liter, we would add another 3,016 liters to the petrol version.

With these figures, we would be talking about a hybrid version that would start (if the price of gasoline was always maintained at this level, which is unlikely, given what we have experienced in recent years) to amortize after a few 115,000 kilometers approximately.

This only confirms what we have already told you, that is, without the help of the government, this type of vehicle compensates for those people who travel many kilometers a year.

It would be quite a different matter if we really Moves III planin which the Spanish government can allocate up to 800 million euros per year for the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles.

In the case of the plug-in hybrids that we are talking about today, assistance for individuals can reach 2500 euros if we don’t have any scrap cars or to 5000 euros if we have a car older than 7 years that we want to scrap.

Obviously, if we have these 5,000 euros, everything that we told you earlier about depreciation is diluted, since we will be talking about almost the same price between a petrol model and a plug-in hybrid.

The problem we see in these help is that they are not straightthat is, you have to buy a car in order to be able to request them and wait for them to arrive, which, according to the OCU, could take even more than a year in some cases.

couple of tips

If you are serious about buying this car, we think there are a few things you should pay attention to before buying it.

First, it is an electric motor. must have a power of 80 hp. or more since this is the one that will move the car in the city and we are talking about vehicles that usually weigh at least 1500 kg, so we must have fuel that moves the car with some ease and less than this amount seems us counterproductive.

It should also be noted that autonomy is enough for the time you spend in the citybut above all that it exceeds 50 km, since in this way you will be able to obtain the ZERO label from DGT, which will give you the same benefits as fully electric cars.

With everything we’ve told you, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether to buy a plug-in hybrid car or not. Now you must decide.

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