Twitter vs Elon Musk, the trial will take place in October. The court rejected a billionaire’s claim that he had tried to Delay the beginning of the process. Elon Musk will have to defend himself against charges of breaching his contractual obligations after he announced his intention to close the operation that would have led him to buy 100% of the social network’s shares for $44 billion. to cease.

The trial is expected to begin on October 17, while Elon Musk’s lawyers had asked for it to be adjourned until mid-November. “In the past I had already rejected a similar request, explaining that the longer it waits, the greater the risk of irreparable damage to Twitter,” the judge said. Kathaleen McCormick, advocated the decision to reject the motion. “I am convinced that a delay of even four weeks would risk damaging Twitter in a way that is impossible to justify.”

But for Musk comes a half-win: The judge has also admitted that the billionaire will be able to use the statements of the former number 1 in Twitter safety, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, in the lawsuit he has filed against the company. . In recent weeks, Zatko has made a series of blazing statements on the social network, accusing Twitter executives, among others, of lying to shareholders, the board of directors and Elon Musk himself. Not only about bots, but also about the integrity and security of the social network’s activities.

Source: Lega Nerd

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