HE Google Chrome now there is a new update. One by big technology response to a vulnerabilityit was decided to be high gravity and known as CVE-2022-3075.

Vulnerability has been exploited extensively, and Google has claimed to have been aware of the reports. An anonymous security researcher alerted the company. Now, the update has already been released for desktop browser users for both Windows and Linux and Mac.

However, the company said it would not yet provide further information on the vulnerability or how it works. The main reason for this is that cybercriminals do not exploit the flaw while its user base is not fully updated.

A report by Google’s Threat Analysis Group says that state hackers from North Korea are attempting to launch state-sponsored attacks using the Chrome zero-day remote code execution vulnerability.

Since the beginning of this year, Google has fixed six zero-day browser crashes. These are: CVE-2022-0609, CVE-2022-1096, CVE-2022-1364, CVE-2022-2294, and CVE-2022-2856.

Is my Chrome protected?

Checking if your Google Chrome is protected is very simple. Open the browser and access three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. There, Click on ‘Help’ and then, Under ‘About Google Chrome’.

It is always important to be careful when downloading an extension for Google Chrome. According to a survey by security software company McAfee, more than 1.4 million browser users have some malicious extensions.

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