Recently, the automotive sector has focused on improving two areas: autonomous driving and energy efficiency, especially with regard to electric vehicles. However, recent research strive to push these improvements much further than ever beforeand it will be thanks to the support of quantum computers.

Currently, installing a quantum computer inside a car is not a very profitable idea. Not only because of the cost of the operation, but due to the size required to operate this type of machine. However, in this case, we may be faced with the smartest cars that have ever existed in history.

This is exactly what the scientists at Terra Quantum AG are trying to do. Through a new partnership with Volkswagen, working on the introduction of quantum technologies in vehicles. With this proposal, they aim to enable hybrid quantum neural connections to improve vehicle image recognition. It has been shown that with the support of this method, it is possible to improve the performance of the assisted driving system. In this way, we could improve several sections and even make autonomous vehicles significantly reduce the number of accidents.

European auto industry leads quantum computing race

quantum computers

Terra Quantim AG and Volkswagen are not the only ones working on their investigation. BMW does the same with Pascal, a company based in Paris. From here, they plan to help them achieve vehicle improvements through quantum computing.

This last association, yes, uses this technology with a different approach. He hopes to be able to produce lighter vehicles with stronger materials and faster, more accurate manufacturing processes. and it allows you to choose a clean energy route during the construction and installation process.

How could they achieve something like this? Well, with the help of artificial intelligence and quantum computers. With such a powerful computer controlled algorithm, investigators can do more with better results. The reason, as always, is the math that makes these technologies possible, and the calculations are so fast that they can speed up and improve results.

When will this technology be deployed in the automotive sector?

After all, it seems like the market has no other choice but to embrace quantum computing. After all, The volume of sales of cars with driving assistance systems is growing every year, and this sector will require a completely different logistics from what we know so far.. The one that the quantum industry pays a lot of attention to improving.

Europe at the moment seem most willing to integrate this technology, according to the examples that we have already given you. This will allow not only companies like BMW and Volkswagen to take advantage of quantum computing, but also others to want to do so, and therefore this market will begin to move more freely to other sectors.

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