THE Windows of the airplanes I’m round, some will wonder why. Well, the windows have a small hole, some have a triangle, but have you ever seen square windows? Not today, but in the past it was common to see them.

There is a bit of aviation in the form of airplane windows. The rectangular and square shape was used until the 1950s, when the plane’s flight was slower and lower. After the creation of the jets, the planes began to fly at higher altitudes, which also reduced costs.

In 1953-54, three different comets in the sky were destroyed by the stress caused by the sharp edges of their windows on the metal of the hull. The analysis of the accidents and injuries to the passengers showed that the fall of the airplanes came caused from the corners of the square windows. Since that accident, the design of the windows has been transformed from square to oval.

The stress of the metal can be distributed more smoothly around a round window than with a square window. So there is no longer the tension of the metal. The rounded corners relieve the pressure on the window and prevent it from breaking when the air pressure changes.

Source: Lega Nerd

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