5 rumors about the new iPad Pro that Apple will release next month

The update will introduce numerous new features to the iPad Pro series.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on iPad

We recently discovered that Logitech has leaked some information about two new iPad Pro models via the Logitech Crayon accessory listing. The information revealed that Apple plans to market a product. iPad Pro 11-inch fourth generation and one 12.9-inch iPad Pro 6th generation.

Whether this information was revealed to the world by mistake or self-interest, everything seems to indicate that the details about the launch of the new iPad Pro are correct. Apple will introduce two iPad Pro models over the next month October. It’s not surprising as it’s not the first time the company with the bitten apple logo has rolled out an update of its tablets in October after the launch of its new iPhone.

Logitech isn’t the only company providing data on the introduction of 2022’s new iPad Pro lineup. An Australian carrier recently offered new iPad Pro models before they were introduced, and essentially a consumer bought a Unit.

These are some of the features of the new iPad Pro of 2022

According to iPad Pro rumors from Macrumors, Apple’s next-generation tablets will offer a host of new hardware over previous versions. So we’re not talking about a minor update as it might have been in some cases years ago. There will be many new features, improved technical features and innovative functions.

M2 processor


Apple could apply the M2 chip to its new tablets

The 2021 iPad Pro series launches with an M1 processor up to 50% more powerful than the previous generation’s A12Z Bionic processor. This power is more than enough for a tablet of this size, but the application new software features and other rendering tasks such as the new Visual Editor (Scene Manager) will require the use of an M2 chip as they consume a lot of system resources.

In addition, the M1 processor was the first chip designed and developed by Apple for the Mac in November 2020. It’s time to take it one step further and give the iPad Pro series a performance-quality leap forward. M2 chip is working four times faster More than the M1 chip, according to Apple.

New Smart Connector

Smart Connector

Smart Connector on iPad Pro

Another recent internet rumor suggests that Apple will use a new type of Smart Connector for its future iPad Pro product line. These connectors consist of magnets that allow accessories to be magnetically attached to the iPad Pro.

The new Smart Connector on 2022 iPad Pro models will consist of: two four-pin connectors. Currently, Apple’s Smart Connector has a three-pin connector. Thanks to this, the new iPad will offer the possibility to connect two peripherals at the same time, which, who knows, may give us a small clue about the possible announcement of a new accessory for the iPad.

wireless charging

MagSafe charging dock

MagSafe wireless charging pad

Surprisingly, no iPad Pro models have wireless charging yet. The leaks that reached our ears suggest that Apple may replace the aluminum back of the iPad Pro with a coating. crystal to make it easy to adapt wireless charging to your next generation tablets. Now, for obvious reasons, the charging base should be much larger than an iPhone or AirPods case. Also, Apple is said to be considering adding it. Compatibility with MagSafe accessories.

reverse wireless charging

iPad Pro USB-C

iPad Pro charging

Apple has been testing reverse wireless charging on iPad Pro units for a while. This exciting new feature for the new 2022 iPad Pros will be available to iPad users. Charge your iPhone and/or AirPods battery from the back It is said that Cupertino company wants to bring dual charging to the iPhone for accessories such as AirPods, but this has not happened for now.

Apple plans to hold an event in October to announce the arrival of the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. As always, we will cover the event comprehensively to bring you all the details and all the news available from iPadízate.

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