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Windows 11 22H2 update slows NVIDIA cards performance: here’s how to fix it


Since Windows 10, we’ve become accustomed to the fact that, like an elephant in a glass bowl, every time a Windows update comes out, it fixes two things and breaks four. Last big update Windows 11 22H2 destroys performance of NVIDIA graphics cards in many games. we explain How to fix it.

Windows 11 22H2 is a big semi-annual update for Windows 11. It’s practically a fresh install with hundreds of bug fixes and new features in the interface and operation of the system.

Unfortunately, since Windows 10, every major Windows update often has “side effects”. And in this case Windows Updatenear a sharp drop in the performance of NVIDIA graphics cards.

Many games, like God of War, freeze and crash (terrible stutter), becoming unplayable. It probably has something to do with the newness. Windows 11 22H2 which optimizes variable bitrate and HDR in games running in a window instead of fullscreen.

Fortunately, NVIDIA quickly responded and launched emergency beta driver which fixes the problem. You can download the emergency driver from this NVIDIA technical support web page. Just install it and you’re done.

Another option is to wait until next week. NVIDIA will release a monthly driver update that is automatically updated through GeForce Experience and will include this fix.

Everything points to a lack of coordination between NVIDIA Monthly Update and windows 11 22×2 updatewhich had to come out at the same time to avoid this problem.

A few days ago, the Microsoft Flight Simulator game was updated and the patch notes stated that some of the improvements will not take effect until NVIDIA updates their drivers, confirming the delay.

NVIDIA updates once a month, but it’s been a month and a half since the last update on August 9th. The launch of the new RTX 4000 cards, whose drivers are included in the NVIDIA Universal Driver for the first time, is most likely to blame for this delay.

If you have installed Windows 11 22H2 and you have performance issues in games with your card NVIDIA, Install the emergency beta drivers that are already available, or wait until next week for a general update.

Source: Computer Hoy

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