Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the March Menor it’s the first ecosystem in Europe to receive one legal status ofas if it is a company or an individual and will be legally represented by a group of local officials, residents of the area and scientists who can file lawsuits on its behalf.

Last year in the lagoon there was a huge environmental disaster killing 15 tons of fish and algae. Disaster which, according to a study, was caused by the lack of oxygen from the harmful discharges in the area. These led to an excess of nutrients for the lagoon fauna, which had an adverse effect.

the approval ofPopular legislative initiative took place in recent days, after a collection of 640,000 signatures via a platform by the professor Teresa Vicente Gimenez from the University of Murcia, which was only completed after a procedure in Parliament, followed by an emergency procedure.

So the Mar Menor is the first ecosystem in Europe legal personality and thus subject to rights, which led to a revolutionary turning point. This is a very strong symbolic recognition that fits in the fight for environmental protection against industries seeking to exploit the resources of some endangered ecosystems, such as the Colombian Amazon rainforest.

Source: Lega Nerd

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