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DGT puffs out its chest (and numbers) in one of the most controversial measures in recent years.


Measures taken DHT Usually they are not very popular and usually cause a huge amount of reactions about it. In recent weeks, we have seen several internal changes to the DGT, one of which is the way fines are notified from November of this year.

But what we are interested in is knowing whether the measures that the DGT proposes and that are accepted by the users are producing positive results. The General Directorate of Traffic put the data in a table, offering a detailed look at the percentage people killed on the roads in 2021.

The interesting thing about this data provided by DGT is both the number of accident vehicles and the number of deaths due to implementation of 30 kilometers per hour in the city. The change in speed limits allowed in the city has reduced the death rate to levels lower than in 2019.

Adapt the speed to the city in numbers: the number of deaths due to accidents decreased by 13% in 2021 compared to 2019There are 10% fewer serious injuries in 2021 compared to 2019, and the death rate remains at 32 killed per million inhabitants.

Unfortunately, according to DGT, the numbers are still high and are expected to drop in the coming years. The death toll in traffic accidents was 1,533, which is 222 less than in 2019. 7,784 people were seriously injured, which is 829 people less than in 2019..

The decrease in deaths on urban roads is also good news for pedestrians, who have benefited the most from the introduction of DGT 30 kilometers per hour in the city. Within this group, the most vulnerable subgroup, i.e. in people over 64 years of age, mortality decreased by 34%.

It is clear that the criticism of the measure made no more than noise. The data provided by the DGT takes it for granted that the introduction of 30 kilometers per hour in the city is something that works and, above all, helps save lives. Now it remains only to see how it will develop favorably.

Source: Computer Hoy

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