Tesla returned to his old habits. After the second quarter, when vehicle deliveries were hit by COVID-related restrictions at the company’s China plant, again broke the delivery record this third quarter of 2022.

Specifically, Tesla produced 365,923 vehicles during this period. Of this total, they delivered 343,830 units. Most were Model 3s and Model Ys, of which 325,158 units were delivered during the quarter. The rest, 18,672 cars, were Model X and Model S, the company’s most expensive cars.

These figures they have significant value given the economic context. Inflation in major developed countries, exchange rates of major world currencies… All of these factors, however, did not seem to affect Tesla during the aforementioned quarter.

Tesla prioritizes cost over supply

According to data released by Tesla, During the specified period, the company produced 22,000 cars more than it delivered.. The North American company explains in a statement that they were unable to transport all of these vehicles at a reasonable cost during traffic peaks that typically occur at the end of each quarter. Thus, many of these vehicles are currently on their way to their customers.

This dynamic is in line with what Elon Musk asked his employees a few months ago: optimize transport costs by the number of deliveries produced in the last weeks of each quarter.

"Our focus this quarter should be on minimizing shipping costs, not spending heavily on rush fees, overtime, and temporary contractors just to deliver cars." [a los clientes] in the fourth quarter,” Elon Musk explained in an email to his employees sent in 2021.

“Historically, we run like crazy at the end of a quarter to maximize shipments, but then shipments plummet in the first few weeks of the next quarter,” he continued. “Looking at a six-month period, we will no longer be delivering cars, but we will spend a lot of money and burn ourselves out by speeding up deliveries in the last two weeks of each quarter.”

Tesla is expected to announce its financial results corresponding to the third quarter of 2022 as of October 19after market close. However, shipping figures announced by the company predict a good quarter in terms of revenue.

Source: Hiper Textual

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