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Tesla raises the price of its superchargers, driving and fast-charging an electric car become more expensive


Tesla, the company that reinvented the automobile. At least the electric car and the concept of sustainable mobility. Elon Musk sold us since he started a company that engine electric this is the one who should replace the burning one. The problem is that these are high prices and polluting batteries.

Just the other day, we were talking about how many kilometers an electric car must travel to be more environmentally friendly (or less polluting) than an internal combustion car. The number of kilometers is much more than previously thought … and this is when the electricity comes from renewable sources.

Despite this, Elon Musk insists that Tesla is a company that strives only for the good of the Earth, and that it is doing more than anyone else to stop climate change. This does not mean that the company wants to make money, and the more the better.

For all those who don’t believe in it, Over the past five years, Tesla has made decisions that have always gone hand in hand with rising prices.. Even what was free is no longer free. For example, superchargers, which they boast so much.

kWh has risen in price by almost 30%: bad news for an electric car

Thanks to user Felix Arthur, who specializes in electric vehicles (come on, everything that has an engine requires electricity, not fossil fuels), we learned Tesla Supercharger price increase.

In Spain, a country that worries us, the cost of kWh has dropped from 0.55 euros to a whopping 0.71 euros. This puts us in fifth place among the most expensive countries in Europe. We were overtaken by Germany with 0.82 euros and France with 0.79 euros. Given that one depends on Russian gas, and the other works on nuclear energy.


Can you travel with a Tesla Model 3 without a travel forecast?

now buy Tesla not only is it more expensive than it was five years ago, but recharging it is no longer free, and to top it all, recharging is becoming more and more expensive. Electric looks bad if it doesn’t change the energy landscape.

Source: Computer Hoy

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