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He was stung by a train at a speed of 300 km / h, and he recorded it while moving (video)


BUT video uploaded to social drive shows us machinist stung by high-speed trainalmost started the race 300 km/h. And as if that’s not enough, he records it himself on camera.

Driving recklessly costs a lifetime, but it seems like the risk is worth it if you earn a few “likes” on social media. And in this video that we’re about to see, contingencies are piled on top of each other…

The social network of cars SocialDrive posted this video on Twitter, where we observe the driver was stung by a high-speed train … which travels at a speed of 300 km / h:

The video begins with the driver driving at 275 km/h, and when he is overtaken by a high-speed train, he presses on him even more until he accelerates. 299 km/h… where the video ends abruptly.

to madness move at a speed of almost 300 km/h, we need to add a second negligence: from what can be seen on the video, the driver himself records on his mobile or some kind of camera, holding it with one hand while driving with the other.

You can see the view change from the train to the car’s accelerometer, taking care of the camera’s focus…and practically not looking at the road. Maximum recklessness.

I was driving at a speed of 300 km / h, everything is in order.

The car we see is an Audi and because of the logo on the high speed train, The video appears to have been filmed outside of Spain.

In our country fines for driving at speeds over 191 km/h is 600 euros and withdrawal of 6 points from the card, but with serious extremes like this, driving at 300 km/h while the driver himself is being captured by a camera, they are considered exceptional cases that entail thousands of euros in fines and disqualification for quite a long time.

Every time we watch a video about the driver is driving at a speed of 300 km/hor get stung by a high speed train like here, the nonsense is being discussed that cars can drive at such high speeds when the traffic rules set a maximum speed of 120 km / h. needed speed limiters required?

Source: Computer Hoy

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