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Autonomous flying car of the National Police has already made its first flight (video)


A video uploaded to Twitter shows us the first flight from Flying car of the National Police, Megadron EH216 companies ehang. It can be seen at the beginning of the news, although keep in mind that it is silent.

While it still seems like science fiction to many of us, the National Police has become Europe’s first police fly autonomous manned drones, colloquially referred to as flying machines.

,In the video we can see megadronwhat does she call it national Police, take off autonomously and fly over forests and highways. video it does not show a flight with people inside, but the press release states that “National Police officers successfully completed the first flights of the EH216”, so it looks like they dared to ride it …

National Police flying car, rapid response drone

eVVOL what we see in the video is a model EH216 Chinese company eHangwhich is currently the world leader in the development of this type of vehicle.

Manned autonomous eHang drones They have been flying since 2018. They have thousands of hours of testing behind them, and they are already used in security and rescue work. eHang The company has a full-scale factory that mass-produces them, and has even signed agreements with Spanish municipalities to set up a flying taxi service.

The model that uses National Police, eHang 216is an autonomous aircraft weighing 600 kg, capable of carry two people inside. This is an electric eVTOL that can fly with 130 kilometers per hour.

It is capable of transporting cargo or up to two police officers both into confined spaces where other types of aircraft, such as conventional helicopters, cannot reach, and into areas infested by NRBC agents.

The advantage of this type of manned drones, in addition to They don’t pollutein that they make little noisetherefore, they may approach delinquents or criminals without warning them.

Being a small vehicle that also lands and takes off vertically, can sit on rooftops, in gardens, in parking lotsand other objects inaccessible to the helicopter. In this video you can see him on a rescue mission where he puts out a fire and saves a man on a roof. And being offline, you can log in contaminated areas.

autonomous flying car belonging National Police, Megadron EH216 from eHangalready completed your first flightand it is very possible that we will soon see him patrolling the skies.

Source: Computer Hoy

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