Sep 2022 it was colder than average in Europe, but globally, with a temperature of 0.3 degrees above average, it was the fourth warmest month of September on record. Over there Greenland has had the worst impact, as it has reached temperatures of even 8 degrees Above average.

This is what the bulletin of the Climate Change Service from Copernicus (Copernicus Climate Change Service, C3S). The results are based on measurements from satellites, ships, aircraft and weather stations around the world.

What stands out from the obtained map is certainly the red lit from the Greenland which experienced the warmest month of September since 1979, offset by the blue extending from the central part of theEurope at the Russia. According to measurements, the average temperature in September in Europe is about 0.4 degrees lower than the average temperature measured between 1991 and 2020.

Sea ice in theArctic it was about 3% below average, although it was above average in a number of Siberian areas.

Source: Lega Nerd

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