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These are 5 elements that traffic inspectors will be watching for in the coming days, risking a hefty fine.


DGT just launched a new campaign road safety through which the traffic agents of the Civil Guard are going to check the various elements of our car, at the risk of imposing heavy fines on us if they are not in proper condition.

Road safety is very important to DGT and for this it has just started campaign to improve road safety, where road agents will check up to five elements of cars and, if they are not in proper condition, they will act in accordance with fines in addition to the obvious speeding controls for the next few days.

The General Directorate of Traffic announced on its official Twitter account that it is launching a car condition monitoring campaign this October that monitors five key elements that must always be in perfect condition to ensure road safety.

Concrete indicates that road agents will track proper maintenance and adjustment of tires, brakes, lights, alarms and ITV serviceability.

This check is not exceptional, as it is reflected in Spain’s Road Safety Strategy 2030, which believes that good vehicle maintenance will reduce the number of accidents and traffic accidents.

The removal of abandoned cars in public places will also be accelerated.

In addition to the above, DHT He also commented that they will start removing abandoned vehicles from public areas such as street parking in cities and towns, as well as parking lots.

And it’s supposed to be about 20,000 abandoned cars in our country in shopping mall parking lots, garages, car parks or even parked on the streetand therefore DGT wants to simplify this procedure so that they can be delivered to authorized vehicle service centers as soon as possible.

And that, according to DGT estimates, is 50,000 abandoned cars in public places and about 6,000 in workshops and warehouses.

Thus, with this new modification of the Law on Road Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, these procedures will be simplified so that these abandoned vehicles can be removed.

Source: Computer Hoy

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