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Garmin trembles: Huawei Watch GT Runner is an outstanding sports watch and cheaper than all competitors


If you are thinking of buying Sports watch, for sure you have several brands on the list, such as Polar or Garmin, as well as Apple, which is taking small steps to take over this sector as well. However, among the best running watches is a watch from a less mainstream brand: Huawei.

We refer to Watch Huawei GT Runnera watch designed for everyday athletes who value accuracy above all else, and from what we’ve been able to prove, Huawei watches are quite accurate when it comes to measuring data such as distance, pace or heart rate.

The GT Runner watch is also much cheaper than other similar models such as the Garmin Forerunner. It can be yours right now for just 139 euros in the version with yellow details, a temporary offer on October 11 and 12, the days when the new Amazon Prime Day lasts.

Buy it at the best price

Of course, it has GPS and a heart rate sensor, as well as other very important details such as an AI trainer that analyzes your performance and your physical condition to offer you personalized workouts.

In this way, your watch will help you gradually improve your performance, and this is useful if you are training alone, on your own and without a coach who analyzes what you can improve.

A sports watch needs to be accurate above all else, and this Huawei Watch GT Runner has two weeks of battery life to top it all off, although that depends a lot on how you use your GPS, which is obviously the sensor that uses the most power.

Cheaper running watch than the Garmin Forerunner and with some smartwatch features.

There are relatively few running watches for less than 150 euros, at least if you’re looking for a competitive model. For example, predecessors always stay above this figure, and this gives us an idea of ​​how good the price of this Huawei is.

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, you can also sync calls and alerts from your mobile phone, giving it a smartwatch look aside from the sports features.

The offer is only available to Prime members, although if you don’t, don’t worry because you can simply sign up for a free, no-obligation month trial.

Source: Computer Hoy

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