So-called wireless chargers still need cables to power the charger. The wireless aspect means connection only to the device to be charged, which requires no plugging of the cable. Belkin wants to replace that with an all-wireless wireless solution. For this purpose, the company has entered into a partnership with the Israeli company Wi-Charge, which currently sells products based on infrared radiation that can be used in an area of ​​​​130 square meters.2nd Multiple devices can be supplied with 1W of power.

Unfortunately, no further details about the type of product and the application of the technology were shared in the collaboration announcement. Ori Mor, CEO and co-founder of Wi-Charge, said it’s a strong consumer-focused product. He cited chargers, smart home and powerline products as areas that could benefit from wireless charging. A second product can be expected from Wi-Charge itself this year, and no further information has been shared on this subject.

Sources: Ars Technica, TechCrunch, Android Authority

Source: Hardware Info

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