The Italiansaccording to the statistics, they have the art of it do it yourself. 80% of Italians, given the inflation of gas and electricity bills andinflation that canter more and more, they have decided to prepare everything at home. A bit like the old days, when jam, pizza, bread, pasta and tomato sauce were still authentic and traditionally made.

The expensive bill in the shopping cart forces more than 8 in 10 Italians (81%) to prepare homemade jams, bread, pasta, tomato sauce; to save and reduce waste, but also to ensure a more authentic, natural and 100% national diet.

Survey that performed the statistics

THE Prices of the food, even the primary ones, have skyrocketed. So why give up a pizza made in Italy? Thanks to the art of DIY, you can enjoy the Italian character of the products without going to a pizzeria. Also there pasta has increased by 25.8% in one year, making the preparation of various tasty types of homemade pasta back in fashion. The in oil with seasonal vegetables (zucchini and aubergines).

The passion also spreads among the youngest and among people who are completely starved of preparation techniques, thanks in part to new technologies and the arrival on the market of flour from ancient grains that allows you to bring a high-quality product to the table. An opportunity to make bread at home too, especially after the cost of sandwiches and loaves of bread has never been higher in the EU, turning the most popular item on Italian tables almost a luxury item.


The attraction is not lacking Save. Inflation is forcing us to return to the old traditions of preparing homemade preserves. They seemed destined to get lost and now they are back in fashion. The most popular preparation is that of the transformation of tomato. Don’t forget the jam. You can buy crates of very ripe fruit at affordable prices to avoid wastage.

Source: Lega Nerd

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