According to research by the institution MapBiomesjoyful Indigenous areas are responsible for the preservation of forest areas and the progression of deforestation, especially in Brazil. Amazon. Private areas lost up to 20.6% of native native vegetation, while indigenous lands lost only 1%.

Between 1990 and 2020, Brazil lost about 69 million hectares of Amazon rainforest, with only 1.1 million hectares lost in indigenous areas, according to the study. Meanwhile, more than 47.2 million hectares have been deforested on private sites.

Currently, indigenous lands cover only 13.9% of Brazil’s territory and represent 109.7 million hectares of vegetation. As of 2020, the region represented 19.5% of all natural vegetation in Brazil.

“Satellite data leaves no doubt that indigenous people are delaying the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Without land of its own, the forest would certainly be much closer to the turning point where our agriculture, industries and cities will stop providing the environmental services on which they depend,” said Tasso Azevedo, general coordinator of MapBiomas. ” said.

Deforestation is on the rise

The presence of prospectors has increased significantly in recent years and by 2020 already represents a 495% growth compared to 2010. The longest recorded period of deforestation in Brazil took place between 2019 and 2020.

According to data collected by satellite in the MapBiomas survey, the number of deforestation has increased exceptionally in recent years – not counting fires. Thus, the research reinforces the importance of indigenous soils for the conservation of indigenous vegetation in Brazil.

Source: Tec Mundo

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