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Depreciated hardware is worth the money. What does your organization do with IT equipment?

Companies throw away a lot of depreciated hardware such as laptops, servers, networking equipment and printers. We’re talking about 50 million ICT devices every year in the Netherlands. This causes a lot of CO2 emissions (ICT is one of the most polluting sectors) and it is not good for our planet. Most devices are easily reusable, meaning that emissions can be reduced by 50%.

IT4Kids gives depreciated hardware a second life. The value of the equipment creates sports opportunities for children who do not have the financial or physical ability to play sports. One out of every eight children in the Netherlands misses the opportunity to play sports. That’s why IT4Kids takes action for these kids, because every child deserves a sporting opportunity and with it the development of #skill4life like self-confidence, discipline and respect.

IT4Kids works with charities such as FC Utrecht, Esther Vergeer Foundation, Sven Kramer Academy, Dirk Kuyt Foundation, WKZ, Schooljudo, Youth Fund Sport & Cultuur and NEC Maatschappelijk to create sports opportunities for children. It’s good to know that IT4Kids has the CBF quality mark, which means it’s an officially recognized charity.

In short, IT4Kids strives to make the world a little bit better for the environment, sports and games through an innovative way of fundraising (hardware donations). Children are no longer on the sidelines, thanks to companies’ hardware donations!

If you have any questions, want to donate hardware or otherwise support the foundation, please email: [email protected]

Source: IT4Kids

Source: Hardware Info

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