This Tuesday (18), child announced retreat two batches of chocolate, which may contain glass fragments. First Party, 80 g cashew nut milk chocolate; if the second party 80 g cashew and raisin milk chocolate.

National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa)’RE Resolution No. 3,420′ prohibit the sale and distribution of both lots that may contain small pieces of glass. The contamination occurred after equipment in a factory deteriorated and affected several products.

While most of the affected lots were not disbanded, two were sold in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina. According to the statement made by Garoto, the company is voluntarily recalling the 225212941G and 225312941G batches valid until 9 September 2023.

Affected parties

  • Lot 225212941G: Garoto brand milk chocolate with cashew nuts – 80g – expiration date 09/09/2023;
  • Lot 225312941G: Cashew Nut and Raisin milk chocolate from Garoto brand – 80g – expiry date 09/09/2023.

“The withdrawal procedure is in one of the factory’s production equipment, mouth or mucous membranes in products from the above-mentioned batches,” Anvisa said in the note.

If any consumer has purchased one of the products in batches, he or she must not consume it, keep its packaging and contact Garoto Consumer Services.

Source: Tec Mundo

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