After the first experiments in Germany, influencer syndicate. Umbrella term encompassing a diverse group of different people and professions: give youtuber to streamers, passing content creatorsInstagram celebrity and so on.

A sector that, according to the union, has more than 350 thousand professional assets, with a market value of around 280 million euros. The first tiles already contain some notable names, including the youtuber Luis Salo and the lawyer Angelo Greco – also youtuber and author of the essay ‘The law for everyone’.

This area of ​​the digital economy is not only not yet addressed by specific legislation, both in the areas of taxation and compensation, but often sees its actors serve an unclear and transparent legal framework, in the construction of which the association wants to involve them.

In these early years of positioning, we participated in the fact-finding in Parliament that led to the adoption of the Creators Amendment in the 2021 Competition Act

said Jacopo Ierussi, president and founder of AssoInfluencer.

AssoInfluencer takes the requests of content creators and brings them to the attention of the institutions. For example, the union hopes that the legislator will finally clearly define the tax obligations of influencers and frame the profession in less vague terms.

Source: Lega Nerd

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